Tongue Tied, Part II

Now let’s see what Jeff had to say.

“I’m of the opinion that if you are going to swear do it seldomly, but make it a good

one…[‘F***’] is an amazingly flexible word, but I’d rather make due with only one rather than having

to scream multiple forms of it for a full five minutes.”

So, what you’re basically saying, Jeff, is that it’s too much trouble for you to curb your language.

Maybe the goal should be anger management, not language management per se. See above.

Jeff goes on to explain the difference between profanities and obscenities. It’s interesting and worth

a read, but not really relevant to the issue at hand.

“In the end though, while I think we should watch our colorful dialogue, I have a hard time going

the Gosh route. It seems false to me and I try my best not to put on masks. In some ways using wussy

profanity just bothers my integrity more than if I just stuck with the good stuff.”

Again, I can sympathize with the desire to avoid hypocrisy. However, we are called to put on a mask –

that of Jesus Christ. That’s not to say that our identities are obscured, annihiliated, or subsumed by

Christ’s, but that we should always endeavor to demonstrate Jesus’ meek and loving nature to others.

All Christians are witnesses to the Gospel. We should exercise self-control for ourselves, for others,

and for Christ. Lack of self-control results in unloving behavior toward others. How does that witness

to the God Who is Love?