Grassfire on the Cheap

Interested in getting two copies of a book prior to its official release?

Receive Two Pre-Publication Copies of Steve Elliott’s Grassfire Effect for Any Gift!

“Grassfire President Steve Elliott’s anticipated book, The Grassfire Effect, will reach the book stores in late June. Thanks to special arrangements with the publisher, Broadman & Holman, Grassfire team members have the unique opportunity to receive TWO PRE-PUBLICATION COPIES OF THIS WORLD-CHANGING BOOK for any gift to Grassfire!”

Start Your Own World-Changing Grassfire

“The Grassfire Effect is a powerful motivational book that uses the amazing story of how Grassfire team members have impacted and helped reshape our nation to encourage and motivate you to put the grassfire effect to work in your life! Ready to transform your job? Ignite your dream? Change your future? That’s what The Grassfire Effect can help you do!”

I got my two copies by donating a whopping $1! If you’re interested, you have to hurry. The offer expires this week.

BTW, I’ll be reviewing the book in an entry once I finish reading it.