Blogging and Social Science

Take the MIT blogger surveyThe
myriad of memes that cross-cross the blogosphere testify to bloggers’ pleasure in
answering questions. Why not put that to good use? That’s
just what some folks at MIT are doing.

“This is a general social survey of the greater weblog community being conducted
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our goal is to help understand the
way that weblogs are affecting the way we communicate with each other. Specifically
we are interested in issues of demographics, communication behaviors, experience
with weblogs and other technology, and the meaning of various types of social links
within the blogosphere.”

“The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete, and we are asking anyone with
a weblog to participate. The larger the sample of individuals we can get, the better
our picture of the community will be.”

So what are you waiting for? Go take the survey!

BTW, I was invited to take a
very similar survey by a fellow at the University of Chicago
. It might invitation-only,
but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Tell him I sent ya. 🙂