Since I don’t have time to cover everything in depth, here are some samplings from the blogosphere and beyond. Enjoy. 🙂

Some struggling Anglican parishes in Sydney, Australia have found a creative way to make up for lacking musicians – mp3s. I can’t help but feel they’re missing the point, though. The Eucharist should be the central focus (even for Anglicans), not the music. If they must have music, why can’t they try Gregorian chant?

"A rapid spread of AIDS over the past decade has reached a level that has confounded and alarmed the health establishment in Japan, a country that has long felt protected by a first-rate health system and widespread condom use." If condoms aren’t helping Japan, how are they supposed to help the nations of Africa?

"In Europe, opposition also comes from Socialists and Green parties on the left, and from the state bureaucracies that tend to overregulate every kind of scientific endeavor." If only we could get American lefties on the right of the ESCR debate…

Ever wonder how readable your blog is? Wonder no longer. 🙂

I wonder if a congestion tax would help Pittsburgh’s traffic situation.

BTW, Pittsburgh ranked 144 in a study of driver safety in 196 U.S. cities.

More good news – Pittsburgh’s air quality got an ‘F’. *cough*

Here’s an article about Corned Beef and Curry. 🙂

Wow, this makes the stunt pulled at St. Patrick’s seem classy.

This guy has good advice for becoming an early riser. I’m not so fond of his eating habits, though.

IV-VI, then I-III (if at all)

Teaching NFP as part of sex ed is a good idea. Getting the Church’s beliefs about it right would be even better.

"This issue of judicial nominees is only on the radar of those who subscribe to the false dichotomy of Democrat vs. Republican — in other words, those who subscribe to the government/corporatist hegemony known as fascism." Fascism is perhaps too strong a word, but other than that, amen.

Learn how blogs are counted.

The blogosphere seems to be more concerned with the Downing Street Memo than the main stream media.

"Experimental research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project and BuzzMetrics suggests that political bloggers can make an impact on politics, but they often follow the lead of politicians and journalists."

Pope Benedict XVI had some interesting things to say about liturgical music when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger.

How blogging changes you…

Check out this flash animation that sums up the current Social Security "crisis".

Are you a crunchy conservative?

Jollyblogger, a Protestant (Presbyterian I believe), explains what’s difficult about always reforming.

Cool – blogging bishops!

Check out BlogTones. It’s a pretty cool concept. I’m hoping that sending Victor some traffic will persuade him to make one for Ales Rarus. 😉

Where are you in the blogging life-cycle?

Arlen Specter a superhero? God help us. I anxiously await the day he leaves office.

Check out this cool blog written entirely in Latin. If only my Latin skills weren’t so rusty…

Sometimes I think Theomorphs more about Christianity than some of the Christian bloggers I know. (*cough* Evangelical Outpost *cough*) 😉

My Empathy Quotient is 30/80. What’s yours?

My Systematizing Quotient is 42/80. What’s your?

Sometimes shame is a good thing.

Some researchers at Pitt have shed some light on why women don’t get paid as much for doing the same jobs as men.

Are you addicted to email? I probably am. *twitch*