May 30

Search Me

Once in a while I post some of the odder search queries that have landed people here. Enjoy the latest batch. 🙂

  • In the “Who the heck is that?” category…
    • jim gianopulos background
    • walt mcgraw
    • addison hart
    • ervin dyer
    • tom mainelli wine
    • Catholic washington Bob Sullivan
    • cheryl wild
    • Amber Marlowe Richmond
    • nick mccabe-lokos
    • Patrick Kampert
    • gunna dickson
  • In the Twilight Zone category…
    • amputation Stacy howard stern
    • defense secretary Rumsfeld last bastion liberalism school purge
    • does anybody really know what time it is does anybody really care about time
    • transgender leg amputee wannabes in canada
    • blind organizations for gay men
    • NAACP ethnic cleansing video game
  • In the “There’s no porn here, dingbat.” category…
    • Log Cabin Kennedale Adult
    • Naomi Wolf Wood hole
    • eastern european pics of girls
  • In the “Die, spammer, die” category…
    • 2005 email contact of pastors and staffs in the whole world
    • 2005 email contact of the members registered in biggest evangelical biggest church in uk
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