Since I don’t have time to cover everything in depth, here are some samplings from the blogosphere and

beyond. Enjoy. 🙂

I’ve set up a movie review

journal called Quid Putet? at Rotten Tomatoes. I put my review of Star Wars Episode

III there. I’ve also set up a journal

group called Projectile Produce. If you’re a friend of mine and you’d like be part of my

group, let me know.

Here’s a story about what happens when a

priest is falsely accused of molesting children. Ain’t witch hunts grand?

Contrary to popular belief, abortions have not

risen during the Bush administration.

The new Doctor Who

series seems to be doing well in the UK. I’m really enjoying it so far. Now if we could just get

it broadcast in the US, I wouldn’t have to download episodes. 😉

Check out this trippy site. It’s an

“infinitely” zooming image.

People are doing so pretty

cool things with Google Maps these days.

Amnesty International has named the US as a

top human rights offender. God bless America. *sigh*

I’m pale turquise. What

color are you?

Fast food taxes may be coming soon to

your city. Amen.

Ya gotta love nutjobs in tin foil hats. 😉

Blogs are playing a role

in exposing corruption in the Chinese government. Now that’s power, Mr. Hewitt.

“I said it then, and I must say

it now, there is a huge difference between the truly pro-life politician and the many political

figures, including some in the Republican Party, who will say whatever it takes to be

elected.” Duh.

Do the Illuminati Really Exist?

Yes, but not in the way Dan Brown says.

I really hope the

Texas GOP platform isn’t indicative of a trend in the national party.

Never mess with a car

full of old ladies.

Is childhood becoming oversexed? Yup.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Ever wonder how lightsabers work?. Wonder no longer.