An Open Question To God-Bloggers

In a comment on another blog, Mike Russell of Eternal Perspectives said something that I found very interesting.

"I notice that Catholic Blogs are now included on the Blogdom of God aggregator; it's why I'm using it less and less. Not that I don't think they have thoughtful or good posts: I'm just looking for evangelical stuff when I go there. If I want Catholic, I'll go to a Catholic aggregator."

I think that since the Blogdom of God was founded as "loose affiliation of self-declared 'God bloggers'", it should accept all Christians, regardless of denomination. I have noticed, though, that the bulk of participating blogs in BoG are run by Evangelicals. Thus, I have a question for members of BoG and God-bloggers at large.

Should the Blogdom of God be restricted to Evangelical blogs? Protestant blogs? Christian blogs? Monotheistic blogs? What limitations, if any, should be placed on membership? Why or why not? Should the name of the aggregator reflect proposed membership requirements?