Quicky Quotes

Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost poses an interesting question for Catholics disappointed by the selection of Benedict XVI.

“Being a Catholic means that you agree to the concept of papal succession. It also entails that you believe the Holy Spirit had a hand in the selection. My question for you is this: Did the Holy Spirit make the wrong choice in picking Ratzinger?”

Scott Stiegemeyer of The Burr in the Burgh coins a word I expect to be using frequently in the near future.

” OK, I just got finished watching a report on TV about a newspaper columnist in Los Angeles taking a cheap shot at the Catholic Church in an editorial that really had nothing to do with religion. Many on the left are, frankly, Romo-phobic. That’s the only explanation. Anti-Catholicism /Catholic-bashing is perhaps the one form of bigotry still openly permitted in the American public square.”