Bye, Bye, Marty

Catholic conspiracy?

A lot of the MSM and blog articles written by Evangelicals have suggested that Diocese of Pittsburgh had something to do with Marty’s firing. To get the diocese’s statement on the matter, I wrote the following to its publicist, Father Ronald Lengwin.

” I have been following the story of Marty Minto’s firing since it broke. The official press releases mentioned that the diocese was contacted depite the fact that the diocese did not request that he be dismissed. Since those press releases, I have read numerous blogs and online publications that have implied or explicitly stated that there was some sort of conspiracy at work in this matter, wrought by individual Catholics or perhaps even the diocese.”

“I, and readers of my blog, would like to know why the diocese was contacted. Could you shed some light on this issue? Thank you in advance. “

Here’s his response:

“It was simply as a courtesy because of the number of people who called to complain about the program, including Catholics. May you have a gentle and joy-filled day!”