Broadening Horizons

Due to my connection to the Blogdom of God and other similar groups, I have access to more conservative blogs than I care to read. There seems to be a high degree of correlation in the orthodox Christian sector of the blogosphere to political conservatism and support for the Republican party in particular. That’s not my bag. That’s not to say I’m hard-core Democrat, either. Call me a Casey Democrat if you must label me. I prefer to call myself "extreme center", or as my new quip says, "stuck in the middle with you" (i.e. most ordinary Americans).

Can any of my readers recommend some good moderate or liberal Christian blogs? I’m part of Unright Christians, but what I’ve encountered thus far seems to be liberal across the board. That’s just as undesirable to me as uniform conservatism. I’m looking for blogs that support traditional, orthodox (heck, call it conservative if you wish) Christianity and moderate or liberal politics (within reason). Think along the lines of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Vincent de Paul, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, or Dorothy Day.