Please Stand By

Part of me hates when bloggers apologize for lapses in blogging. It’s sort of perverse
that people have to excuse themselves for answering the demands of Real Life™.
The rest of me realizes that readers are what make blogging worth while. That part
part of me thanks you all and apologizes for being incommunicato. Research has been
keeping me busy, which is a good thing. I’ve also been taking a bit of break from
the stresses of blogging. How is blogging stressful? Well, it ain’t easy reading
countless feeds in search of a story worth telling (or retelling). Anyhow, I’m sure
I’ll be back to my usual ways soon (One reader referred to me as a “machine”
due to my posting rate). In the meantime, please take a look at some of the great
blogs in my blogroll (It’s part of the right column.).

P.S. Google doesn’t seem to hate me anymore, but it apparently doesn’t love me enough
to consistently rank my domain as the top hit for “Ales Rarus”. *sigh*