Howard the Duck

Here are the interview
for H2 of the Smedley

  1. “Smedley” has the ring of a cartoon name. What are the origins of your
    blog’s name and did you consider any others?
  2. How did long have you been blogging? How and why did you start?
  3. What aspects of blogging do you most love? loathe?
  4. Describe your ideal presidential candidate. Think of him/her as a Mr. Potato Head
    doll. Each part is a policy or plank borrowed from a real public figure. For example,
    you might want Bill Clinton’s economic policies, Richard Nixon’s foreign policies,
    Gorbachev’s social policies, etc.
  5. Tell us about some aspect of your personality that drives you nuts and you’d love
    to change but just can’t seem to control.
  6. BONUS: Name a few blogs that you think deserve a lot more traffic than they currently

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