The Squinting Eyes of Faith

Wow. This message from a former Christian provides a lot of food for thought. It’s far too long to adequately excerpt it here, but I’ll give you this snippet to whet your appetites.

"Finding Christianity’s truth began to appear to me more like having to tilt your head and squint and stand back far enough, until you began to see how the claims of Christian apologists ‘matched’ what scant partisan evidence there is in the N.T. In the end I found myself standing back so far that I was outside the fold."

It’s well worth reading and I’d be very interested in discussing it here. After you’ve read it, please come back here and answer these questions.

Christians: Do statements like Ed’s challenge your faith? If so, how? If not, why?
Atheists/Agnostics: Do stories like Ed’s remind you of your own? Explain.