Tempus Fugit

If only I had more time to blog. Between class, research, RCIA, choir, and spending time with my wife, I can’t spend nearly as much time writing as I would like. I’ve been trying to cut back on blogging so as to not neglect my wife, so I try to pick one big topic to tackle each week.

My exchange with Adrian Warnock regarding "the simple gospel" seems to be winding down, which opens up a "slot" for something else. On the other hand, I’ve been outlining an article I’d like to write on imitation of Christ, directly and by proxy through imitation of the saints. That leaves me little or no time to respond to Ed Heckman’s well-constructed thoughts regarding Mary, the Catholic Church, and Scripture.

In his latest post, Ed does what no other Protestant with whom I’ve debated has done – actually read the Catechism. I’m so thoroughly pleased and impressed that I wish all the more that I had time to respond. He does a pretty thorough job fisking some of the Catechism’s statements about Mary. Obviously I disagree with him, but I respect his analysis none the less. I would be overjoyed if some of my knowledgeable Catholic readers would respond to him criticisms.

Go to it!

Romanism, Mary and The Catechism, Part 1

Update: If you’d like to write a post-length rebuttal but don’t have a blog of your own, send your post to me and I’ll consider posting it here.