What's in a Name?

*Sigh* The more often people assume my blog’s name is the nick I go by, the more I think about ditching the pseudonym altogether. I’ve been using it for a long time and it’d be weird to abandon it. If you want to know where it came from, read the explanation in the left column. One thing I didn’t mention there is that I’d decided that only famous people ought to use their real names on their blogs. Sure, if I were Hugh Hewitt, I’d have enough name recognition to not use a pseudonym. "Funky Dung" is unique and memorable (if only because it’s odd). "Eric Williams" is not. It’s about as generic a name as one could have. I guess if my name was John, like many of my ancestors, my name would be even less unique. Then again, if people forget my nick and call me "Ales Rarus", how memorable can it be?

I wish my readership was bigger so I could get lots of answers to my questions, but those readers I have are loyal and honest, so here goes.

Should I stop going by "Funky Dung"? If so, should I adopt my blog’s name or use my real name?