Saved By _______

Adrian has seen fit to clarify his beliefs about how one is saved. Since my statements apparently weren’t very clear, either, I’ll follow suit.

  1. God gave man free will so that we might choose freely to love Him.
  2. Faith is a product of grace, which is given by God. We must be open to receiving that grace. If grace is irresistible, then we have imperfect free will.
  3. We must accept Jesus Christ by our own free will and live by His commandments.
  4. By opening ourselves to grace through faith, we become members of the elect who shall receive eternal life.
  5. That membership is not permanent. If it were, then grace is irresistible and we consequently have imperfect free will.
  6. Therefore, there are choices we can make (i.e sins we can commit) that separate us from God and remove us from the company of the elect.
  7. Like Paul, we must work out our salvation with fear and trembling and strive to finish the good race.
  8. God gives us sustaining grace, spiritual sustenance if you will, if we ask for it and through sacraments.

I’m no theologian or professional apologist, so I’m sure there are flaws in the above list. However, it represents my current understanding of the teachings of the Church. For more details about Catholic soteriology, look at the Catechism of the Catholic Church and search for the word "salvation". The following Catholic Encyclopedia articles also contain useful information.

General Judgment
Particular Judgment