The Gospel in 30 Seconds

[There's been some confusion about point #7. See Matthew 20:1-16 to understand the sense in which I meant "earn". – Funky]

Adrian Warnock posted his version of the gospel in 10 points. While I understand his desire to boil it down for "on the go" evangelism, I don't entirely agree his formulation. Here's mine, for what it's worth.

  1. God created man to love Him.
  2. God knows what is best for us and gives us commandments to follow
  3. Sin has the eternal consequence of wounding man's relationship with God and separating man from eternity with God.
  4. Sin has the temporal consequence of wounding man's relationships with his neighbors and in the form of broken and/or disordered relationships
  5. Sin damages man's capacity to love himself, his neighbors, and God
  6. Jesus Christ's salvific act healed man's relationship with God and restored man's privilege to enter heaven
  7. We must be baptized by water and the Spirit and accept Christ to earn that eternal privilege
  8. We must make amends for our sins to repair temporal damage.
  9. If we knowingly commit grave sin, we endanger our salvation.
  10. We must confess our mortal sins to God and make penance