Since "Many Catholics do not understand that the social teaching of the Church is an essential part of Catholic faith" and the U.S. Catholic Bishops "seek a renewed commitment to integrate and share the riches of the Church’s social teaching in Catholic education and formation at every level." To that end, Center of Concern has "materials and resources to help parishes, schools, small faith communities, justice and peace groups, and others, to deepen their understanding of Catholic Social Teaching."

Speaking of social teaching, Fr. Tucker of Dappled Things posted some information about Just War Theory.

Mirror of Justice asks if no WMD means no just war in Iraq.

Continuing that theme, "the Holy See has approved an [sic] new tool and reference for religious education and faith formation in the United States", called "National Directory for Catechesis "

Razorskiss has done some analysis of TTLB Ecosystem rankings (traffic and links) for the Blogdom of God.

I hope this political correctness disease Sweden has caught doesn’t spread.

Priests in Australian are apparently clamoring for permission to marry.

Wanna know what a progressive Christian is? Go here to find out.

Holy cow! Catholic rock bands do exist!

The Fifth Column blogger has posted a death threat sent to him by a Muslim.

Pro-choice CINO politicians are being sued for heresy.

Wittenburg Gate has some advice for starting a God blog.

Religious Lefties presents a "what-if" scenario for the future of Christians and politics.

Tom Carter wrote an excellent piece about remembering the Holocaust. IMHO, the world may be remembering it, it hasn’t learned from it. Witness Rwanda and Sudan. No More Turning Left seems to agree. Let’s hope some day there’ll be no more turning away.

My friend Emily has an interesting idea for a more Godly Valentine’s Day.

Ever wonder where the smiley came from? Wonder no more. 🙂

Digital bagpipes?!?

William Safire gives us some advice on how to read a newspaper or magazine column. It could easily be applied to blogs as well.

Church of the Masses rants about the screwy agenda of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Superpope to the rescue!

This site may make you blind. You have been warned.

Fr. Sibley is right. This is freakin’ hilarious!

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