1st Annual Evangelical Blog Awards

some news from Evangelical Underground.

Announcing the 1st Annual Evangelical Blog Awards!

Over the next few months I am opening up nominations for the following 10 categories:

Best Overall Evangelical Blog
Best Designed Evangelical

Best Evangelical Blog-Politics
Evangelical Blog-Ministry

Best International Evangelical

Best Domestic Evangelical Blog (U.S.)
Best Evangelical Blog-Apologetics
Best Evangelical

Best New Evangelical Blog
Evangelical Blog-Humor

Nominations will be taken beginning today via email until February 14th, finalists
will be selected by panel of 15 to 20 bloggers (depending on participation) with
final voting polls being posted on the 16th. Voting on the finalists will last for
two days with finalist winners being announced on the 18th.

So start sending in those nominations! Be sure to post about this on your blog to
encourage your readers to nominate you.

Winners will receive prominant links on various blogs, a special graphic, and deep-rooted
emotional fulfillment. 🙂

Nominations can be sent to eblogawards@gmail.com

Since it’s apparently been established that I’m an evangelical (as evidenced by
my membership in several Evangelical blogrolls and this
), I’m eligible. *hint* *hint* Head on over and nominate your favorite *hint*
bloggers *hint*. 😉