Perspective on Blogging

I think we all gotta watch out for the addiction that blogging
can be. The people who pay the biggest price for our extra hour or two a day of
blogging are our families. If other people keep reading while we step aside awhile
I think that is great. – from 21st Century Reformation’s Warnie acceptance speech

Amen. I need to spend less time blogging and more time with my wife. I’m working on ways I can reduce the time I spend each day blogging. I’m probably going to take a “weekly wrap-up” approach to frivolous stuff and news that isn’t “breaking”. I’m also going to try to focus on just one or two essay-length posts each day.

Some people appear on the blogging scene and, like Athena popping out of Zeus’ head fully formed and armed, seem to have their style and goals thoroughly worked out and sharpened. Others, such as myself, develop their styles and reevaluate their goals slowly. Take a trip through my archives (you’ll find the link in the side bar) and you’ll see that this blog has changed a lot from what it started out as. I’m still refining it and probably will continue to do so for as long as I keep it going.

Anyhow, please bear with me as I rearrange my priorities. Hopefully, by Lent I’ll be in a groove.

Bonus article:

For Some, The Blogging Never Stops

TO celebrate four years of marriage, Richard Wiggins and his wife, Judy Matthews, recently spent a week in Key West, Fla. Early on the morning of their anniversary, Ms. Matthews heard her husband get up and go into the bathroom. He stayed there for a long time. ‘”I didn’t hear any water running, so I wondered what was going on”,’ Ms. Matthews said. When she knocked on the door, she found him seated with his laptop balanced on his knees, typing into his Web log, a collection of observations about the technical world, over a wireless link.