Slacker Mass?

"Almost three-tenths (29%) of male Mass attenders [in Australia] aged between 15 and 29 go to Mass only on Sunday evenings, and a further 13% attend Mass on Sunday evening or at another time. For females of the same age, the corresponding figures are 25% and 16%."


"the [total] Mass attendance rate among young [Australian] adult Catholics was less than 10%"

I suspect that if this study was repeated in America, the results would be similar. This immediately brings a few questions to my mind.

If people, young or old, wouldn’t attend mass if evening masses were eliminated, should these "last chance" masses be kept or even made available in parishes that lack them? What are people doing during the day on Sunday? What is so important that it can’t be missed? What about the myriad of other masses offered, including vigil masses on Saturdays? Should the Church really be catering to the people this much? Is the Church just doing what she can to draw more people in or coddling people and caving in to misplaced priorities?

What are your thoughts? I’d like to hear from all of my Christian readers on this one, not just Catholics. I know most Protestant churches don’t offer as many Sunday services as Catholic parishes do, but I suspect there are similar problems with attendance, particularly among the young adults. Ditto for the Orthodox.