Not Quite an Emmy, a Grammy, a Tony, or even a Bloggie

A Warnie?Adrian Warnock, a prominent God-blogger, is seeking to shed some much-deserved light on some little-known blogs.

I have often thought that prominent bloggers have a responsibility to help deserving bloggers from what is often called the "tail" get there share of the limelight….

Today I announce my latest iniative to give a little back "the warnies". i will issue a warnie whenever i feel that a particular blog or blogpost is worthy of special honor. Entrys should be via email and since this is a totally subjective competition judged by me a link to my site on your blog is likely to have some influence on the outcome! To be honest, if you dont like my blog enough to link to it then you probably wouldnt enter for a warnie anyway!

Today, he awarded his first Warnie to Dr. John Mark Reynolds.

Covering the war on terror, philosophy, creation, Star Trek and a host of other subjects I love it. Dr Reynolds is a professor of philosophy and I can't recommend his blog enough.

Please do mention his award on your own blog, and submit your own blog for the next "Warnie" award ceremony which will happen as and when I feel that a worthy candidate has arrived.

I've submitted my blog for consideration and anxiously await possible scraps from the master's table. 😉