The Blind Leading the Blind

ELCARecently, the ELCA (the denomination in which I was raised) has announced the recommendations of their task force for the studies on sexuality. The basic gist, as I understand it, is that each congregation must decide for themselves how accepting of homosexual behavior will be. Apparently, the task force cares more about group unity than orthodoxy. I suspect that the ELCA, which has been developing close ties to the ECUSA in recent years, will follow the Episcopalians into chaotic heterodoxy and ultimately disintegrate.

Here are some reactions from around the blogosphere.

Recent Developments Among The Lutherans and Episcopalians (Sed Contra)

"[The third recommendation] is incoherent because it essentially puts forth two versions of the Gospel, one in which God made human beings with bodies that have meaning and design and whose use matters and one in which such values that appear in scripture and which Christians have held for more than 2000 years are simply deemed to be of less importance. Whatever calls itself "love," whether or not it is, objectively, loving, trumps everything else, including God."

Lutherans choose not-so-sudden-death overtime (GetReligion)

"The ELCA (1) is ready for shared Communion with the via-media experts at the Episcopal Church and (2) the ongoing storm of sex-war headlines will continue in oldline Protestantism as people fight over clashing concepts of truth — experiential progressives vs. traditionalists who stress moral absolutes. The issue of sex outside of marriage (gay and straight) makes for great headlines and points toward more fundamental differences in almost every set of pews in America."

ELCA Sexuality Task Force Delivers Report (I Am a Christian Too)

"I see this less as a moral stand by the task force, than as a pastoral attempt to allow disagreement within the ELCA while maintaining unity on what we all hold dear: the gospel of justification by grace through faith."

Lutheran panel says ‘no’ to same-sex marriage; proposes tolerance for homosexuality (CNA)

"The panel, consisting of clergy, seminary professors and lay people, also recommended that the five-million member ELCA tolerate homosexuals within their congregations."

I’m curious about what my Christian readers think of this. Comments are appreciated.