At Cross-Purposes

For one segment of society, the
live birth of a baby at 26 weeks is cause for celebration. For another, abortion
after 26 weeks is exercising the “right to choose”
. When and how will
our society resolve this conflict?

World’s smallest baby ready to go home

CHICAGO (AP) — A baby who weighed less than a can of soda when she was born by Caesarean section three months ago is nearly ready to be released from the hospital. She is believed to be the smallest baby in the world ever to survive.

How to stop the attack on abortion rights

THE BUSH administration thinks it has political “capital.” And it plans on spending some to destroy women’s right to choose abortion.

Tucked away in the omnibus spending bill approved by Congress last month was a provision that would allow physicians, hospitals, HMOs and insurance plans to opt out of giving abortion referrals, as they currently are required to. This provision will especially affect poor women, who rely on federally funded health care.