Death: The Final Frontier

This one was written in mourning for my best friend who was killed when a train rushing past a platform sucked him off.

Goodbye, Good Friend

I wasn’t ready to lose you
I probably never could be
But you were taken away
Snatched up
Snuffed out in your prime

Damn it! Why?!?
It just doesn’t seem real
How can it be?
I’ve never known anyone else so alive
So full of life, and energy, and hope

Things like this don’t happen to people like you
Like us
It’s not fair!
I didn’t get to say goodbye
Hell, we hadn’t said hello in half a year

I know we didn’t keep in touch
I’m sorry for that
I can never make up for it
But even though the paths of our lives diverged,
I knew that you were trying to live a good life
A life I’d like to think I influenced

I know you influenced me
You changed me
Helped to make me
Where would I be without you?
You brought me out of my shell

You made me smile
You made me laugh
You made me live
Really live

How can I ever thank you?
How could it be possible?
These words can’t say it
But I have to try

I admired you
Despite all your faults
I dreamed of being more like you
And now you’re gone
And I feel like that dream is too

I loved you like a brother
Better in fact
You were a kindred soul
We complimented each other
I kept you in line
And you kept me sane

I will always cherish your memory
How could I possibly forget?
A spirit like yours doesn’t die easily
You will always live in my heart

Sometimes that isn’t enough
I get so angry
At God or life or the world or whatever
For taking you away
Who had the right?!?

You wouldn’t want me to despair, though
So I’ll try to be sane and happy
And live life to the fullest
To live with your spirit in me

I miss you every day
Goodbye, good friend
May the LORD bless you and keep you