Death: The Final Frontier

Night Fright

Covered by a blanket
And the darkness of the night
I weep from the terror
And the Reaper in my sight
As I attempt to slumber
The thoughts begin to creep
Into my world of logic
Bringing horrors, dark and deep

My body starts tremble
As my heart begins to pound
Soon I lose sensation
And I cannot hear a sound

Comfortably numb is just a dream
Painfully dumb, I hold my screams
It won’t end!
It can’t end!
How can it end?!?

My tortured soul shouts
As fears tear apart my brain
And an evil chill torments me
As I pray to end the pain

“God, are you up there?”
I whisper to the ceiling
Exhaustion takes effect
And I get a warmer feeling

But the misery isn’t over
Though the terror’s gone away
Cause I’ll have to feel the sorrow
And face my fears another day