Yahoos on Yahoo

ya·hoo (yäh, y-)

n. pl. ya·hoos

A crude or brutish person. See Synonyms at boor.

[From Yahoo, member of a race of brutes in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.]

I’ve had several conversations with random Yahoo users over IM. I don’t seek them out. They seek me out. There seem to be a lot of rather friendly and chatty folks using that service. I don’t blow them off because one of the people I’ve spoken to turned her life around – away from promiscuity and drug use – and I think I had a part in making that happen. Just a few minutes ago, I had a much less pleasant encounter.

A woman propositioned me for cybersex, something that hasn’t happened since my days on IRC (when I was still an undergraduate). I tried to change the subject, rather than just ignore her. I hoped that maybe I could witness the gospel to her. She just continued with the filth. Perhaps she was really just a bot designed to lure people into buying porn at some website. Anyhow, I had to ignore her/it. I really hope this doesn’t happen again.