Blown Out of Proportion

I recently signed myself up for Blog Explosion in hopes of bringing more traffic here. Unlike StumbleUpon, which takes me to sites I might find interesting (based on criteria I selected), BlogExplosion takes me to other bloggers using the service. The more I surf, the more traffic I get. The more they surf, the more likely I'll find them. It sounds like a nice arrangement, and it would be if it weren't for one teensy little problem. Most of the blogs I've hit are painfully boring. It amazes me how many vain and vapid people think I, or anyone else, give a flaming turd about how their day at work went or the funny thing Mr. Kitty did. Occasionally I'll be taken to a site with some real content. I might not agree with the points made, but at least there were points. I don't know how much longer I'll do this BlogExplosion thing. It's a time suck and the benefits haven't outwayed the costs so far (in time and patience).

If you have a blog, give it a try. It might be a better experience for you. Plus, I get bonus traffic when I refer people. 😉

Update 09/30/06: Boredom became less of a problem when the ability to surf by category was introduced some time after this post. These days it's the views to visits ratio that annoys me. I just don't have time to surf enough sites to get a decent number of visits here. Maybe if the odds of winning free credits were increased I'd be more inclined to use BE.