Best of 2004

Bene Diction reports the following.

Bob Carlton of The Corner is inviting
bloggers to participate in a kind of end of the year round up of your favorite posts
you’ve put up on your blog in 2004. It’s a bit like Blogger
, without an assigned topic and a button. Bob does all the work, all you
do is submit.
If you have posts you’ve put up you especially like this idea
is for you.
His instructions are below.

[T]the instructions are simple (you can post these or pass them along to other blogging

  • 1. Create an entry with your best 5 entries of the year.
  • 2. Send me the entry link at
  • 3. I am going to repost your entry on The Corner
  • 4. Subscribe to the RSS feed
  • 5. Spread the word
  • 6. Enjoy the fun.
  • It’s an opportunity to share your blogging with others.

I encourage (and beg) my loyal readers to dig through my archives and select their
favorite posts. Put your nominations in the comments. Be sure to give permalinks.
Thanks. 🙂