Catholic Cornucopia

This is another catch-up post. This time, the articles are related to the Catholic Church.

In the effort to purge the Church of molesters, pedophiles, and practicing homosexuals – a laudable goal, to be sure – are good priests being wrongly accused and unfairly removed from their positions?

I found this site by clicking a link on Marty Minto’s site. It’s written by an ex-Catholic who wishes to "save" Catholics now that he’s "born again". He’s written a few books to this effect. I thought my readers might like to respond to this fellow and set him straight.

The bishops of America have voted to join a new ecumenical super-group, called Christian Churches Together in the USA. "It is a forum for participation so that we can pray together, grow in our understanding together and witness together our faith." The Southern Baptists aren’t convinced it’s such a good idea. Neither is Shaun Pierce.

The new English translation of the Roman Missal seems to be nearing completion. I’m looking forward to its more faithful translation of the Latin. It’s more majestic and truer to Scripture. (Thanks, Pontifications)

Australia’s bishops have approved the start of research into declining mass attendance. They want to reach out to those who are alienated from the Church. I just hope that in doing so, they don’t compromise on the doctrines that probably upset these people in the first place. The Church is not a democracy.

There’s an interesting article about a theology student who’s in the Marines and serving in Iraq. He delivers the Eucharist to soldiers and does his best to share the gospel. They call him "the warrior monk".

Grrr. A couple CINOs have written a book entitled "A Brief, Liberal, Catholic Defense of Abortion". They compare fetuses to grass and abortion to mowing the lawn. (Thanks, ‘Not So Quiet’ Catholic Corner)