Playing Catch-Up

Due the holidays and other reasons, I’ve fallen behind on blogging some fun pages.

Ever wonder what kind of skeletal structure would be needed to support cartoon bodies?
guy did and decided to make some drawings
of what he thought they might look
like. (Thanks, BoingBoing)

I wonder if something like this would help with Pittsburgh’s idiotic drivers. It’s
an interesting hypothesis.

“Build roads that seem dangerous, and they’ll be safer.”

In other words, strip away traffic signals, road signs, and/or directional markers. It’s not like people pay attention to them anyway.

In contrast to this is a new high-tech traffic signal that detects speeding and changes the light directly from green to red.

You Have Bad Taste in Music

Demolished Buildings Being Recycled in Pa.
By JENNIFER C. YATES, Associated Press Writer

PITTSBURGH – Twenty-five hundred tons of concrete, 350 tons of steel and nine tons of aluminum window frames will be left after a seven-story downtown building is taken down. But instead of ending in the scrap heap, the concrete will be ground up and used to fill the site, steel will be melted to create rebar and the aluminum will be reused in cans and other products.

Here’s a bizarre little independent film called “Gym Class.” It’s kind of like “The Matrix” meets firt-person shooter and goes to high school.