What Ever Happened to Fair Use?

This really bugs me. Once I have recorded material in my posession, I should be permitted to do whatever I please with it, provided I don’t violate any copyrights or harm someone (Other reasonable restraints of 1st amendment rights might also apply.).

From Public

H.R. 4586 The Family Movie Act

The provisions were included in H.R. 4077 as passed by the House. The original House version of this bill provided an affirmative right for those who used technology to skip objectionable material, such as profanity, violence, or other adult material, in the audio / video works that they legally purchased. This is a right that most believe manufacturers of technology and consumers already have?regardless of H.R. 4077. The entertainment community has hijacked this provision and turned it against consumers and the tech community. Now, the affirmative right to watch and skip parts of the content that a consumer has legally obtained only exists if certain conditions are met: no commercial or promotional ads may be skipped. Additionally, technology manufacturers must provide a notice at the beginning each showing stating that ?the motion picture is altered from the performance intended by the director or copyright holder of the motion picture.? This sets the functionality of the everyday VCR and TiVo on its head.

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