Scott Hahn has a New Online Resource on Scripture Studies

I just received a letter in the mail from from the St.
Paul Center for Biblical Theology
, which was founded by the Evangelical convert
to Catholicism, Scott Hahn, and his wife Kimberly. Dr. Hahn has been dreaming of
helping Catholics know the Bible better for sometime, and reminded us in the letter
that St. Jerome wrote “Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of God”.

This center has a free online Bible Studies Course, an introduction to the Bible
geared towards HS students, and a periodical called Breaking
the Bread
–a year-long subscription for the latter may be had by making an online
donation to the Center. He has several other interesting projects in the works,
and commend this website to all as something to use and watch over time as the services

The letter I received was also a request for funds–I hope to send him some money,
but at the very least we should pray for this new work and spread the word.