Goodbye to a Man With a Big Heart

At choir practice this evening, Donna, of Quenta Narwenion, informed me that Gerard, of A Catholic Blog for Lovers and caretaker of St. Blog’s Parish, had died. I must confess that I didn’t know him well. I tried to help him set up RSS for his blog. We never did get that working for him. I read all my regulars through RSS these days, so I haven’t read his blog in quite some time.

Anyhow, I’ve only ever heard good things about him and, regardless of whether or not we were friends, it’s sad when a parish loses a loyal, long-time member. As a tribute to Gerard, I’ve collected links to posts about his death from other members of St. Blog’s.

Open Book (Amy Welborn)
The Curt Jester (Jeff Miller)
Quenta Narwenion (Donna Lewis)
Living Catholicism (Jay Allen)
Dei Gratia (Josh LeBlanc)
Catholic Light (Sal Ravilla)
Catholic and Enjoying It! (Mark Shea)