Wherefore the Divisions?

No sooner did Kerry call it quits than everyone was talking about the
of the nation, pointing to the red-and-blue maps that CNN, FOX, etc.
posted for
our viewing pleasure. Many people were demanding that Bush heal those
Before we can even address that, though, where are these divisions and
are they
really that bad? I seem to recall some nasty divisions during Clinton’s
for instance. Never mind that states were often won by narrow margins,
and that
many of the red states reelected Democratic
governors, for instance
. Moreover, Massachusetts has a Republican
for crying out loud!

And I call our attention to an article previously posted on
this blog
, regarding
Ohio voters
. They were hardly the ravening anti-gay, anti-Arab
bigots that the
New York Times op-ed page would have us think they were. They just
weren’t that
hot about Kerry–the relative indifferent strikes me as the very
opposite of the
divisions we are all supposed to fear.

I think there are divisions but they are being exaggerated and distorted
by Hollywood
(thanks Drudge, for this one) and some of the more
hysterical NY Times op-eds
(though this
one by David Brooks
is quite good–it doesn’t hurt that I agree with
him on
most of his points). It has been just over a week since a complicated,
election ended: let’s take a deep, cleansing breath, and look at what
really is
dividing America, and learn about what those things are before we set
about fixing