Christian Carnival 43

Christian Carnival
is up. I haven’t had a chance to read any of the posts yet, but here are
a few that caught my eye. Be sure to check out the whole list. 🙂

Rodney of The Journey
shares with us his thoughts about Christian
and the difference between blogging about faith issues, and blogging
about the perspective our faith gives us.

In his post "Blame
the Republicans? No, This Time It’s the Christians"
Nick Queen of Patriot
Paradox, nice guy and founder of the Christian
, shows us how Christians are now the reviled enemy of the Left because
we were decisive in reelecting No. 43.

Diane over at Crossroads
(and fellow Glendale Presbyterian Church member) writes about mindless Christian
support of Bush and the neo-cons in her post "Day
Before-Last Thoughts"

Having names that are very similar also lent itself to similar post material as
Dick Cleary of Viewpoint discusses
how the Left is now scared to death of "Those
Horrid Christians"
, not unlike Nick Queen did previously.

Phil of Another Man’s Meat
writes about the sincerity of the Democrats call to recapture "religious language"
in "In
Order to Be Sincere, You Must First Really Be Sincere"
. In the "aftermath"
of the election Democratic strategists are saying that they need to develop a strategy
to recapture the language of religion in order to get votes. It’s a strategy that
says, "capture the language and you’ll capture the ideas and the voters."
It’s a strategy that Phil maintains will not work because "in order to be sincere
you must first really be sincere."

In "Christians
and Blue Counties"
, Jeremy Pierce, a.k.a. Parableman
thoughtfully examines regional demographics in light of the election, and rightfully
claims that Christians in "red" states and "red" counties might
do well to move to heavily "blue" parts of the country, so their good
influence could be used to bring the gospel to those places.

At Weapons of Mass Distraction,
Derek examines in "The
Bottom Line"
that Democrats don’t understand why they’ve lost Middle America,
because to the liberal mind, any worldview built on a foundation of faith in a transcendant
God is utterly irrational. Therefore they can’t believe anyone actually lives that
way, and why they feel justified in saying so in such condescending terms.

In his post "Further
rumination on sola Scriptura"
, Scott, The
Crusty Curmudgeon
, follows up on some of the comments he received by a Catholic
blogger on his last Carnival entry on the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.