Divided We Fall

Here are some interesting perspectives on the red vs. blue mentality that’s causing so much unrest these days.

Church of the Masses: I’M NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT….

"People who go around calling Americans who disagree with them stupid, neo-Nazi, moronic, freedom squelching, bigotted and intolerant theocrats, must then wait a mandatory fifteen minutes before bemoaning the "frightening," divisive, uncivil rhetoric that is splitting us all into two Americas…. I mean, just to keep all of our heads from spinning around too fast."

GetReligion: Take that! No, you take that! (cue: slap)

"If the Dems could manage to stop insulting people of faith, and could take a few steps towards the center on moral issues like abortion, marriage, the Pledge, embryonic stem cells, Israel, they might be able to claim to be the party that is seeking balance in a pluralistic society, leaving the Republicans to appear to be the party of the extremes. But such compromises would infuriate the hard left, and would probably take more moral courage than the Democrats are able to muster."

Scientists scan brains for political clues

Applying some of the same brain-scan technology used to understand Alzheimer’s and autism, scientists are trying to learn what makes a Republican’s mind different from a Democrat’s.

Theomorph: Start Thinking

Maybe I’m an idealist, but I am tired of living in a country where people refuse to think, where people refuse to read books, where people prefer to do what they’re told instead of doing what they think. We’re a country of externalized, demonstrative, paranoid imitators. We can’t step away from the TV, we can’t turn off the music, we can’t crack a book, we can’t sit down, face a blank sheet of paper with pen in hand, and dare to scribble a few of our own thoughts. We are a nation that lives between minds instead of in them, and I am sick of it.