There's Just Something About Him

I decided long before the election that I would not support the two-party system with my vote. At first, though, I was still open to the possibility. Before the Democratic primaries, I was shouting “Anyone but Bush in ’04” with other disgruntled citizens. Then I saw what the Democratic Party had to offer and I was beyond disappointed. Kerry got the nomination and for a while I thought, “If this man weren’t a poor excuse for a Catholic – perhaps an Anglican (I expect them to have muddled beliefs) – I might respect him enough to vote for him, if just to oust Bush.

As the campaign season progressed, however, Kerry and his rabid supporters made me dislike him more and more. He kept talking about grand plans he had, but never discussed their substance. He also stands polar opposite to me on abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and homosexual marriage. The last I can bend on, but the others are non-negotiable.

Eventually, his campaign advisers took note of the conservative Christian uprising he faced and urged him to talk about his faith more. Sadly, it became plain to see that his faith was rather “cafeteria” in nature and not a driving force in his life. I don’t care if he was an altar boy. So was Hitler. What matters is now. Add to that the insistence by Kerry-ites that Bush was truly evil (not just badly flawed) and bent on destroying all America stands for, which was about as convincing as Chicken Little. Anyhow, by the time the election came up, I was actually rooting for Bush, much to my own chagrin. If you’re scratching your head at that, think about how I feel. Though I try to be independent, I’m still essentially a Casey Democrat at heart.

This article,
mainly about Democrats in Ohio who voted for Bush, expresses some of how I felt
about Kerry.

“You ever get a feeling about somebody? I would listen to him talk and I’d get the feeling he was just saying things he thought people wanted to hear.” – Jeff Davis