Stuck in the Middle With You

One of my frequent commenters, Steve, has often lamented that conservative Christians have had to vote for right-wing candidates in order to advance their pro-life agenda. He'd like to see a Christian Left that embraced protecting the sanctity of life as a progressive ideal. I can't blame him. I'd like to someday see a candidate like Dorothy Day, St. Francis of Assissi, or Mother Teresa. I disagree with much of the Republican platform, but I may find myself increasingly resorting to voting for Republicans to fight the Culture of Death. That doesn't make me comfortable or confident. If only the Democrats can see their failure to connect with America this election as an opportunity to win back moral conservatives who the've marginalized and driven away. I won't hold my breath.

Rightward Shift May Squeeze Centrists
By Charles Babington and Juliet Eilperin

"Tuesday's Republican sweep of the South will reshape the next Senate, replacing moderate Democrats sometimes willing to cross party lines with ardent GOP conservatives who will press their leaders for a more right-leaning agenda, according to analysts."