Wooing Undecideds and Independents

As someone who would rather rip out my intestines with fork than vote for Bush or
Kerry, I found Christian’s Conservative’s recent post, “The
Case for Undecided and Third Party Voters?
” interesting. The arguments
for voting for Bush didn’t interest me. It was the attempt in and of itself that
got my attention.

I’ve had numerous people on both sides of the spectrum try to persuade me to vote
for their guy. Each side is vehement in lionizing of their candidate and vilifying
his opponent. Both sides have told me that this is the most important election of
our times and that not voting for their candidate is idealistic folly.

I don’t buy it. I don’t really see these guys as so different. Yes, there are aspects
of both that I despise and others that I can tolerate. Some of their stances are
polar opposites. However, in my eyes they’re both inept, inadequate, and unsupportable.
They’re both career politicians who are manipulating their respective bases to gain
power. Neither really represents the wants, needs, and concerns of the American

Anyhow, I wondered what my independent brethren had to say about this post. I also
wanted my liberal buddy John to read it. I’m sure he’ll have more than a few comments.