Civic Duty

[In response to Bishop Wuerl's weak stance against pro-choice "Catholic" politicians, Shaun Pierce wrote the following letter. He has yet to receive a reply. – Funky]

Dear Bishop Wuerl:

I am writing in response to your statement that Catholic politicians should not support legalized abortion but that you do not advocate denying them Holy Communion.

First let me say that I am a lifelong devout practicing Catholic. I currently attend Risen Lord parish on the north side of Pittsburgh. I am a member of the Social Justice committee and active in the community.

I also am a radio personality on WORD FM. Our program is heard by thousands of people everyday and I am one of the few voices consistently defending the Catholic faith.

This issue of withholding the sacrament has caused not only a division among Catholics but has also brought to light the bigger issue of an inconsistent message from the Catholic Church. Why is there not a universal standard applied here? Archbishop Burke says he would not serve Communion; Cardinal McCarrick has taken the opposite stance. With your opposition now public, are Catholics to tolerate this division in our Catholic leadership?

Bishop Wuerl, I have stood by my Catholic faith in the most trying of times. It pains me to see that while you speak of official church teaching, you offer no consequence to those who willingly and publicly refuse to give witness to the faith and the sanctity of human life.

As Catholics, we are always called to protect life. This issue is not under any circumstance negotiable. While good and faithful Catholics serve this calling, those most in the public eye often serve only political purpose. When one fails to even attempt to practice what they supposedly believe, the lack of intervention by ecclesiastical authority is astounding.

I understand it may be uncomfortable and politically incorrect to hold Catholic elected officials accountable, but that does not void the responsibility and duty of Church leaders to deal with violators of cannon law.

'Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required; and of him to whom men commit much they will demand more.' Luke 13:48