The Truth Laid Bare…er…Bear

Until today, I only thought of The Truth Laid Bear in terms of the blog ecosystem
there. Much to my surprise, it’s also an interesting blog to read (at least so far).
Here are a couple interesting posts.

Trustbusting the Parties?

“The parties agree that they will not… appear at any other debate or adversarial forum with any other presidential or vice presidential candidate.” (Pages 1-2)

Now, if Kerry-Edwards ’04, Inc. and Bush-Cheney ’04, Inc. were, say, Coke and Pepsi, and they signed an agreement which was clearly designed to exclude competitors from the marketplace, they’d be hauled up on antitrust violations.

It seems someone agrees with some of my thoughts on diversity in politics.

Like AWACS for Memes!

Bush staff members rely on and, which track political blogs and websites to see what items in local papers, on websites and in blogs are getting the most hits. “If a story moves up through the rankings and linking, we can know,” says one of the Bush staff members assigned to alert the rest of the team about which stories are moving through the blogosphere. “We can get indicators about stories before they break elsewhere. It’s like an early-warning system.”

No worries, George: just consider me your white, furry canary in the deep dark coal mine of the blogosphere!

[Blogs are becoming a force to be reckoned with.]