St. Blog's in the News

Jester reports
that St. Blog’s Parish was mentioned in a recent Washington
Post article
. Go us. 🙂

As a student, [Jason Steffens] devoted five to 20 hours a week to his blog, he said. But now that he has a newborn and a new job, he said his blogging time has been greatly reduced. Steffens said in an e- mail that he is one of the few “Christian bloggers who does not mind being called a ‘fundamentalist.’ “

In cyberspace, religious denominations tend to stick together. But the spatial realities of distance and borders do not apply. [Kathy Shaidle], for instance, is Canadian. But this self-described “ugly Ann Coulter of Canada” often comments about American politics and provides links to articles that concur with her conservative views. Shaidle said that most of her readers are American.