O Captain! My (Sky) Captain!

I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow tonight. Some critics have been
rather hard on this movie. Church
of the Masses
, for instance, says,

“Inexcusably, Sky Captain has nothing to hold the
viewer’s brain and emotions once the CGI attractions wear thin. The plot holes in
the story are big enough to drop a fifteen story steel robot through. The characters
have no arc. No one changes or grows. So, by the usual definition, there’s no drama

Am I the only person that just had fun watching it? Granted, I’m
a computer geek who enjoyed the effects, but after a while I mostly forgot about
them and was simply entertained. It’s not like I was looking for Casablanca
in CGI. It was like a comic book come to life. It wasn’t realistic. The character
development was shallow. The plot was thread-bare. So what? I think this movie hearkens
back to a time when movies were more often simple entertainment than overblown attempts
at art or relevance. Lighten up and pass the popcorn.