Welcome to the Scrum

“It is the mark of our whole modern history that the masses are kept quiet
with a fight. They are kept quiet by the fight because it is a sham-fight; thus
most of us know by this time that the Party System has been popular only in the
sense that a football match is popular.” – G.K. Chesterton

This article pretty well sums up my voting dilemma. A snippet:

“If you are a liberal, you will vote for Senator Kerry. But if you’re anti-abortion rights, pro-family and pro-poor, like me, neither party speaks to my conscience as a Catholic. I want to vote for a presidential candidate who is a person of integrity, compassion and reflects the values of our great nation and my Catholic faith.” – Raymond L. Flynn

Some days I’m so fed up with the current political environment that I want to write in Trogdor. Other days I wonder who’s worse for democracy, the 50% of eligible voters who sit on their butts on election day, or the 64% of dementia patients in PA who don’t.