Christian Bigotry

A friend of mine and semi-frequent comment poster has asked me numerous times to
stop posting “anti-gay stuff”. This Sed
post might interest him. The blogger at SC is David Morrison, author
of Beyond Gay. He lives with same-sex attraction, but does not accept or
advocate the gay lifestyle. His most recent post, about the proper Christian response
to homosexuals, relates to Sunday’s Gospel

I care about this so much because I wouldn’t be Christ’s today if it were not for
the friendship and love of the Christians in my first Anglican parish, people who
knew I was a gay activist, didn’t agree with me about gay sex, and loved me anyway.
They knew I had homosexual sex and that I believed it was fine – and they disagreed
with me. But they nevertheless invited me to their cookouts, car washes, sporting
events, school plays, pot lucks – the whole joyful, chaotic mess of parish and family
life and as our friendships deepened they showed me they loved me.

And they told me their stories too. They told me about their own past drug use,
their own previous abortions, their own prior womanizing, and their own previous
struggles with the Faith and its demands. In short, they made it clear to me that
the church universal is a hospital for sinners far more than it is a penthouse for