Electoral College

I’m inclined to agree, at least superficially, with the New York Times in their desire to scrap the electoral college. Most of the problems I have with it could be fixed without eliminating the system, though.

  • Require that all states handle electors the same way.
  • Use instant runoff voting.
  • Give each congressional district an elector.
  • Designate each elector’s vote based on the winner of the runoff winner in each district.

While we’re talking about fixing systems, I’d like to mention that the current primary/causus system sucks. Federal elections should be handled uniformly. States can run their elections however they please, but federal elections should be within federal pervue. All of the primaries (or caucuses) should be run by the same rules and the elections should be held on the same day. Furthermore, instant runoff voting should be used. The current Frankensteinian system is riduculous. By the time primaries reach PA, for instance, all the good candidates have already dropped out.