Prayer Request

Frequent readers are familiar with Jerry Nora. Well, he and his new bride need some
prayers. Before I tell you why, here’s some background information to this story.

A little over a year ago, Jerry bought a house in a decent neighborhood surrounded
by not-so-decent neighborhoods. He put a lot of blood sweat and tears into that
house. He, with the help of slave labor his friends, he replaced the shingles
on his very steep roof. He brought plumbers in to fix two very nasty sewage problems.
As one of the people who cleaned up the back-flow, I can assure it was not a fun
experience. To fix the problem, much of the basement floor had to be ripped up and
dig into. It was not cheap and not fun for those who dwelt in the house (trust me).
The second repair job required turning the front yard into the Grand Canyon. That,
too, was expensive and stressful. Later, he and Krystia washed over a decade of
tobacco tar from, added coats of primer to, and painted the walls of several rooms
in the house. When I visited about a month after I moved out, I hardly recognized
the place. They had a nice house, lived in what they thought to be a safe neighborhood,
and were newlyweds. Life was good.

Well, it turns out the neighborhood isn’t so safe as once they thought. They’d been
able to dismiss the occasional high-speed chase down their street. Some recent events
haven’t been so easy to dismiss. Krystia has gotten some uncomfortable attention
from some of the locals recently. A priest at the Oratory, who has sources in the
area, recommended they leave. On Thursday (August 12), a food delivery man was ambushed
and robbed right across the street from them. Apparently, a juvenile delinquent
called in an order for Chinese food, pretending to live in the house across from
Jerry’s. When the driver got there, three youths robbed him and stole his car key,
stranding him there. Jerry saw a little of the crime, but said that, at the time,
nothing looked fishy.

So after all the hard work that’s gone into fixing up a house that should have been
their home for at least eight years (Jerry’s in the MD/PhD program), they have to
move. Please pray that they are kept safe while they still live there, find a good
place to move to, and are able to sell their current home for a good price. If you’re
not the praying type (theomorph, et al), do whatever it is that you do when you
hope that a bad situation turns out well for good people. Thanks. 🙂