Need-to-Know Basis

The Freedom of Information Act doesn’t do a lot of good if all the facts in a document
are redacted. This
, about the ACLU’s fight against certain provisions of the Patriot Act,
suggests that much of what is redacted is quite innocent and need not be kept secret
for national security purposes. This may well be true since this administration
has displayed a frightening level of paranoia. However, it may be that there is
an important connection to be made from such seemingly innocent information. One
might find, with significant effort, a worrisome connection that the feds discovered
and saw fit to hit. Such a connection might even reflect badly on someone in the
intelligence community or even the federal government. Then again, maybe I’m just
being paranoid myself

Anyhow, I think it’s far too easy to hide information with the flimsy excuse that
it’s a matter of national security. I don’t doubt that a great many things are,
but I find it hard to swallow that everything hidden truly qualifies.