Guilty As Charged

Genocide in Darfur sparks outrage, but little action

[T]he handwringing isn’t translating into action. In progress instead is a fresh mockery of that 1948 convention. A repeat of well-intentioned, feeble actions that failed to save 800,000 Rwandans a decade ago.

I’ve been all talk and no action, just as this op/ed piece says. Well, I want to start actually doing something to stop the horrors
in Sudan. I’ve sent letters through the ACLU, TrueMajority, and other groups, but
I suspect politicians largely ignore such campaigns.

I’m planning on writing a generic letter that can be sent to representatives, senators,
the president, and foreign leaders. My hope is that a real grassroots effort – that
isn’t lead by a major lobbying group – will get more positive attention. I have
no experience writing letters of petition, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update 11/06/06: I still haven’t done anything constructive. Then again, neither has the UN.